30 Day Prayer Challenge

1. For increased awareness of the realities of human trafficking around the world.

2. That God would bring about spiritual awakening in brothels, strip clubs, massage parlors, red light districts and other trafficking hotbeds.  

3. For social change in places where sexual exploitation is considered normal.

4. That today, the cycle would be broken for one girl whose circumstances make her vulnerable to exploitation.

5. For justice for the millions of children currently being exploited around the globe.

6. Prayer for government leaders and authorities to make effective policy changes regarding the sex industry in their country and enforce them.

7. For growing financial support for our domestic international partners.

8. That those fighting on the frontlines would have courage and boldness today.

9. That today, a parent who is considering selling their daughter would have a change of heart and decide against it.

10. That one girl would be rescued out of slavery and exploitation within the next 24 hours.

11. That one pimp or perpetrator would come to know Jesus Christ today.

12. That one victim would hear the Gospel today and come to know Christ.

13. That those fighting on the frontlines would be tangible pictures of Jesus to victims, perpetrators, and everyone they come in contact with.

14. That victims and survivors would know and experience the true love of Christ, not the false versions of love that they have come to know.

15. That victims and survivors would know that Jesus considers them infinitely valuable.

16. For mental health and well-being for girls who are on the road to restoration.

17. For the physical health of girls who have been rescued.

18. That girls who are rescued would trust God’s provision for their present and their future.

19. That rescued survivors would transition smoothly into everyday life outside of trafficking, confinement, and enslavement.

20. That healthy family relationships would be restored after survivors have been rescued.

21. That traffickers and perpetrators would feel conviction and be held accountable for their actions.

22. That the love of Jesus would shine tonight in Red Light districts.

23. For legal reform in nations where there is high demand for commercial sex.

24. For support for legislators who strive to combat trafficking and advocate for the legal rights of women and children.

25. For workers in Aftercare and Restoration Programs.

26. That rescued survivors would have easy access to medical care, education, and employment.

27. For continued protection for girls transitioning out of sex trafficking. That they would not be lured back in.

28. That God would heal emotional scars for rescued survivors.

29. That trafficking survivors would have opportunities to share the Gospel with other survivors.

30. That survivors would understand that knowing Jesus Christ is the way to true and lasting freedom.