"She Ran to Tell Her Sister"

When was the last time you ran to tell someone about Jesus? About freedom? About, well, anything at all? We love so many parts of Pin's path to freedom. But perhaps how it began is one of the most beautiful chapters: with her sister making a sacrifice to stay working in the red light districts so her impoverished family could still have income, while seeking an opportunity for her younger sister to experience the freedom she may never have. Today, we take you to Bangkok, Thailand, to one of Freedom 4/24's partner organizations, the Home of New Beginnings. Inside are more than a dozen girls who were able to escape the clutch of the sex industry, including Pin, and are now finding permanent freedom, a safe shelter, friendships, healing and an education all the way through university.

The stories of these girls are raw and real. They aren't just about heartbreak, though, but about heart-healing. Restoration and redemption are their calling cards. Take a moment to watch Pin's story, as told by Beginning's founder and beloved "mom" to these girls, Bonita Thompson.