Look at the One

*Adapted from keynote address given at Freedom Gala on November 13, 2014. Mother Teresa once said, "If I look at the masses, I will never act, If I look at the one, I will."

For more than 50 years, Mother Teresa served the poorest of the poor in India. Daily, she was inundated by an endless sea of humanity in desperate need. Yet she continued to feed, clothe, love, and care for as many as she could each day. She could have been paralyzed by the vast numbers of those she could not help; instead, she found purpose, power, and strength in helping those she could—in helping the one.

While there are times when it is easy to doubt our ability to make a difference when considering the staggering number (est. 27 million) of trafficking victims around the world, we must remember: each of us must do what we can, with what we have, where we are. We do this by looking at the one.

For me, this lesson sunk deep into my heart at the beginning of the year while visiting our partner in India, Freedom Firm.


On January 7th, as the sun was setting on the hazy, polluted sky about the city of Nagpur, I sat on a cramped jump seat in the back of a dusty SUV perched on the edge of the city's notorious red light district waiting to commence a brothel raid. As we sat in silence, a social worker on the rescue team leaned over and showed me this picture (see left) on her phone saying, "This is Molly. She's the girl we need to rescue tonight."

And that's when it hit me: I had spent the whole day with a rescue team from Freedom Firm working hard to convince the necessary government officials that a minor girl needed to be rescued. But it wasn't until I saw her picture and heard her name that the general became specific and the 1.2 million trafficked children in India had a name and face. This wasn't just a girl who needed to be rescued- this was Molly.

At Freedom 4/24, we are not just driven by the desire to end sex trafficking but by the opportunity to bring freedom, justice, and restoration to girls like Molly.

This is why—with your support—we will continue funding investigations and raids to rescue young girls from brothels in India, restoration for exploited girls at Christine's House in Uganda, education and a safe home for sexually exploited girls in Thailand, and a myriad of services our domestic partners provide to trafficking survivors across the United States. We do this because it makes a difference in the life of one.

As the year winds down and we celebrate the birth of the One who changed the course of human history would you join us by making a financial contribution to support our work of rescuing and restoring girls like Molly in 2015?

Would you give to help us continue bringing freedom and justice to India, Uganda, Thailand, Kenya, and all across the United States?

Every dollar you give makes a difference. Give today to make a difference tomorrow.

- Tim Spaulding, President