How much does it cost to buy a girl in India?

“How much does it cost to buy a girl in India?”

The answer: 300 rupees. That’s $5 in U.S. currency. 

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If you're like us, it's likely that you've already spent $5 today. Coffee runs, drive through lunches, and 2 gallons of gas quickly add up. What if we could, at least for one day, spend that $5 better? What if that $5 could help free a girl instead of enslave her?

Freedom begins with a day. Today, we are asking for just $5 from 100 of you.

Five dollars is not much for most of us, but it has the power to make a profound difference to girls in India who are often bought at that price.

What can $5 do? 

  • If 8 of you gave $5: It would cover a week’s worth of aftercare supplies for rescued girls through our partner, Freedom Firm.
  • If 10 gave $5: It would provide group therapy to rescued girls in the Nagpur shelter home.
  • If 15 gave $5: The weekly salary of a social worker who works for Freedom Firm would be paid.
  • If 19 gave $5: It would pay for a home investigation trip to determine whether it is safe for rescued girls to return home.

Give $5 and help us reach our goal by visiting What will you do with $5 today?