Fixing Our Eyes on the Bigger Vision

 When it comes to rescuing girls from brothels, Freedom Firm relies not just on research, good investigative work, and cooperation from local authorities but also on patience and a big dose of divine opportunity. Despite best laid plans, things often don't go as planned. Tim and Mitchell witnessed this firsthard. Here, Tim shares why the Freedom Firm team is not shaken, even when plans go out the window. Investigator Kumar

Today we had high hopes of rescuing a girl from a brothel.

Unfortunately, this was not to be.

Neither the girl in blue nor the girl in white could be found anywhere in the red light area despite the best efforts of three undercover investigators to locate them. Over lunch, a few of us talked about vision and how it guides a team through thick and thin. We’ve all seen our fair share of motivational posters with a picture of some mountain vista with the word “vision” written below it along with a quote from someone famous who lived about a century ago. That’s not the kind of vision we were discussing. Rather, our conversation focused on the kind of vision that binds people together and provides a roadmap to the future.

If I’m honest, I was deflated by the news that there would be no raid, no girl rescued today. But Freedom Firm’s staff was undaunted by this setback. Why? Because their eyes are fixed on the future the organization envisions: a country where minors are no longer sold for sex. Freedom Firm is in it for the long haul, and each staff member knows disappointment is as much a part of their work as triumph. Because they operate with this understanding of the end goal, they know setbacks cannot knock them down or cause them to take their eyes off the vision.

So, what is our vision at Freedom 4/24? Our mission is simple in statement and complex in action: To bring freedom and justice to victims and survivors of sex trafficking around the world. Today in India, I had hoped we’d do just that—bring freedom and begin the process for seeking justice for a young girl trapped in the sex trade. Instead, here I sit in a hotel typing this post. But instead of feeling defeated, I’m choosing to fix my eyes on the future.

If the news that we were not able to rescue a girl today saddens you, I urge you—do not lose hope. Instead, fix your eyes on the goal and commit to being a part of the solution.

Here are three ways you can engage in the fight to end sex trafficking:

  1. Speak out for freedom and raising awareness of the issues or invite a Freedom 4/24 representative to speak to your church, small group, school, or civic group.
  2. Give of yourself by volunteering your time, talents, or resources.
  3. Donate. By making a one-time gift or becoming a recurring giver, you resource organizations in the trenches fighting to bring freedom and justice to women and children around the world.

Though today was not a “win” like we had hoped, we press forward. Though these girls may not be rescued tomorrow, Freedom Firm will continue to search for them until they are found and rescued. This is why we support them through the work of Freedom 4/24. This is why we do not lose hope. This is why we keep our eyes fixed, knowing that the bigger vision is a country, and eventually a world, where people are not for sale.