2016: The Year at a Glance


The Year At A Glance!

Once again, it has been a wonderful year for Freedom 4/24 and we have a lot to celebrate! Here are some key victories in 2016, which clearly show what YOUR support has done specifically to help our partners bring freedom and justice to women and children trapped in human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


2016 International Victories

Thailand: Home of New Beginnings

A SECOND home has been acquired in Pattaya!

  • New 2016 residents at Beginnings: 3 (7 total)
  • Graduates from Beginnings:  3
  • Baptisms in 2016: 4
  • Number of 2016 Christmas party participants: 234 in Bangkok, 28 in Pattaya

Uganda: Christine's House

  • Number of runners in the FIRST international Run 4 Their Lives 5K: 400+
  • Number of graduates from the 8-month program at Christine’s House: 17

India: Freedom Firm

A team of 8 women from Freedom 4/24 traveled to India in April to facilitate an outdoor camp for rescued human trafficking teenagers! This camp was FULLY FUNDED by your donations.

  • Total number of girls at the Freedom 4/24 facilitated camp in 2016: 25
  • Total number of girls rescued from Nagpur and surrounding region: 14
  • Total number of legal cases filed against traffickers and brothel keepers from Nagpur and surrounding region: 36
  • Total number of girls who participated in aftercare program from Nagpur and surrounding region: 48

2016 Domestic Victories

All the domestic wins below come from Freedom 4/24 partners in these specific areas mentioned. Each location also hosted a Run 4 Their Lives race to raise awareness and support for Freedom 4/24's mission. 

  • Number of Run 4 Their Lives (R4TL) races nationwide: 6
  • Number of Ride 4 Freedom (R4F) bike events: 1
  • Runners who participated in R4TL/R4F events nationwide: 2,210
  • Number of R4TL/R4F volunteers nationwide: 509
  • Number of new Virtual Events: 4
  • Number of Individual Fundraisers and total amount they raised: 11, $14,552
  • New human trafficking safe houses built: 2 (Roanoke, VA through Straight Street and one in San Gabriel Valley near Glendora, Ca, both with plans to open in 2017)
  • Number of Human Trafficking Awareness trainings conducted by Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking (CCAHT): 61
  • Number of individuals in the Knoxville, TN area trained by CCAHT to recognize and respond to trafficking: 1,302
  • CCAHT referrals to connect victims with restorative services: 52
  • Number of vulnerable and exploited women and children who received holistic services through Buffalo's People Against Trafficking Humans (PATH) Enrichment Center in 2016: 150

These wins all have one thing in common: YOU! Without your generosity, Freedom 4/24 and its partners could not fulfill its mission. Thank you for the impact you have made this year to bring freedom and justice to girls around the world! If you would like to give a tax-deductible End of Year gift, please click here