Rounded Edges & Well-Loved Walls

This morning, our Freedom 4/24 team in Uganda began the long journey home to the United States. After the experiences of the past week and the lives that have touched theirs, each of them will leave a part of their hearts in Uganda. Here, President Tim Spaulding talks about the signs of love they saw at Christine's House, reflected in unexpected places.

During our last afternoon at Christine’s House, the girls wanted to do a traditional dance for our team as a thank you for coming and sharing life with them, if only for a few days. As we assembled on the floor inside Christine’s House and waited as the girls readied for the dance, my eyes were drawn to the ceiling and walls. Near the light fixtures were a few bolt anchors in the ceiling but nothing was attached. At first, I couldn’t figure why, but I noticed a pattern and could tell that there used to be long, skinny fluorescent light fixtures attached to those anchors. Now, there are single bulb fixtures with CF bulbs in their place.

As I continued to look around, I saw rounded edges on the front step where a 90-degree angle used to be, hairline cracks in the mud mortar that covered the brick walls, and paint beginning to fade. This wear wasn’t from carelessness; to the contrary, the home is always neat and tidy and the girls are meticulous about the way they keep their home. Rather this was the kind of wear and tear that comes from being regularly and well-used.

The fact is I look forward to the day when the building needs a new paint job, when we need to purchase new furniture, or when the roof needs to be replaced because all will be indications that lives are being changed and hope is being restored. Christine’s House is serving its purpose thanks to YOU and your generosity, and taking on the signs of a community of girls who love it and each other well as they strive together toward wholeness and restoration.

Together, they are healing.

Together, we are bringing true and lasting freedom.

It costs $116 a month to give one girl at Christine’s House shelter, food, vocational training, medical attention, counseling, and an opportunity to find healing and freedom. Right now, there are 17 girls living full-time at the house, along with several babies. Will you help us meet their needs each month? Become a recurring giver today at