Everyone's Got One: How Will You Use Yours?


“For 24,” is a year-long campaign telling the story of Freedom 4/24—from the survivors, world-changers, and volunteers to fundraisers, and behind-the-sceners. Our goal is to inform, inspire, and enrich your understanding of Freedom 4/24 and the work we do together.

Year in and year out, birthdays are inevitable. We receive gifts that we often quickly forget about or take back to the store because we didn’t really like them. What if you treated this year’s birthday differently? What if you used this simple passage of time to change someone else’s life? That’s exactly what Conaire Hallisy, a long-time friend of our President Tim Spaulding, did. Read on to discover why he decided to GIVE instead of get this year.

#19. Conaire Hallisy


Fundraiser Event: 35th Birthday

Amount Raised: $7,200

Recently, you “donated” your birthday to Freedom 4/24. How did you come up with the idea?

Every birthday I’ve ever had has been a bit selfish—I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’re allowed to be selfish on our birthdays, it’s literally our day, but I wanted to use my birthday to help out this year.

Here is a crazy idea!  What if everyone gave on their birthday instead of taking?! I bet, and this is wild, that your heart would be 10 times fuller from filling someone else’s cup than filling your own. It has taken me 35 years to figure out that simple truth.

How did you get connected to the mission of Freedom 4/24?

Tim Spaulding and I taught English together in Japan almost 15 years ago.  He was a great man and I knew he would do great things, so I wanted to support him and all the great work being done by Freedom 4/24.

Which aspects of fighting human trafficking resonate with you?

Wow, that is a tough question.  I originally attended law school because I wanted to prosecute those who facilitate the atrocities of human trafficking.  I ended up not following this path, but still have a deep unrest in my soul about those who perpetrate such heinous crimes.  At this moment in my life, providing financial assistance and awareness is the greatest way I can influence the situation, so I was happy to help out in the small instance of my birthday donation.

How did you go about asking for birthday donations?

Very simply, I created a short video about Freedom 4/24 and posted it on my Facebook page.  The team at Freedom 4/24 put together a site for my friends and family to donate.  It was simple, easy, and it created a truly amazing outpouring of generosity.

How much did you raise?

My friends and family contributed around $2,400, and I matched the $2,400, so around $4,800 total.  I’ll submit my donation to my company for matching funds, so altogether the small birthday fundraiser raised $7,200.


What would you say to someone who was thinking of donating their birthday?

I would say: Do it!! Freedom 4/24 is awesome and they are doing amazing things in the world.  I would say to get them to create a giving page for you, then create a short video about Freedom and your fundraiser.  Post it on social media and ask friends to share it.  I should have probably been a bit more aggressive, but the modest side of me got the best of me, and I only posted it a few times.  With that said, I am humbled by the grace of God and all my amazing friends and their generous hearts.

How did you celebrate your 35th birthday?

I went for a long run and had a dinner with some friends.  Pretty low key, but I wanted it that way.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Acts 20:35. This year, use your birthday to change the lives of girls in your town and all across the globe that have been sold into sex slavery. To start a fundraiser, email Emily@freedom424.org and find out how YOU can change a life.