When Ideas Become Reality

No doubt, God is paving the path of Tim and Mitchell in India. Even with the delayed start for Mitchell, He has been so good to us in making up that time by providing amazing opportunities for them in the last two days. Today in particular was the realization of months of planning—planning that needed divine provision from the start. Celebrate with us as you read this update from Tim: Mitchell Getting Footage

July 13, 2015

Pune, Maharastra, India

You know that feeling when something you have imagined becomes reality? It’s truly amazing and one of the greatest feelings a person can experience.

Today was one of those days.

For months, I’ve been envisioning and planning this trip with Mitchell, our videographer, and Freedom 4/24 staff. In particular, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the video project we are currently shooting here in India. Developing the overall concept, pre-production storyboarding, drafting shot lists, scheduling interviews, putting your gear kit together, and hopping on a flight are all great but there’s always an amount of uncertainty knowing you can’t control all the variables—especially in a place like India. Case in point: Mitchell being deported from India upon arrival on July 9 and then making it back into the country on a new visa late on July 11.

While we still have a few more days of shooting ahead, today was incredible. All totaled, we conducted six interviews (five with Freedom Firm staff and one with Anita, an amazingly strong survivor of trafficking with an especially heartbreaking story). Additionally, we received permission to conduct two more interviews with trafficking survivors in Mumbai later this week, and to top it off, we captured undercover footage while walking through a red light district just a few hours ago.

All totaled, we shot 91 gigabytes of video today.

Tomorrow, we have a handful of interviews scheduled and we will decide where we have our best chance of a conducting a successful brothel raid/rescue operation, either here or in one of two other locations within a few hours’ drive.


Regardless of whether we stay here tomorrow or move to another location for a raid/rescue, one thing is certain: our ideas have begun taking shape. I can’t wait to launch the finished video on November 5 at this year’s Freedom Gala. We are sure you won’t want to miss it either. Tickets and sponsorships are now available at www.Freedom424.org/freedom-gala.