Please Pray



Right now, we at Freedom 4/24 are earnestly asking for your prayers. Our President Tim Spaulding, has made it safely into India. Our videographer Mitchell Bryant, however, has been denied access. Please read this update below from Tim. Tim_Mitchell_India

July 9, 2015

BMS Guest House

Kolkata, India

As I sit and type, bleary eyed and bone tired from more than 24 hours of travel I am overcome by the need for prayer.

Both of us on the F424 team made it to Kolkata but only I made it through customs. Apparently Mitchell had some visa issues that no one caught until his passport was about to be stamped here in Kolkata. Visas are routinely checked multiple times during a trip. The fact is he should not have been allowed on the plane in Dulles in the first place, and should not have been allowed on the plane in Dubai; but he was.

Just 2 ½ hours ago we parted ways at the airport. Me, bound for the guesthouse where I now type and Mitchell back to the departure gates where he now sits waiting for the first flight to Dubai in the morning. Once back in the United Arab Emirates, Mitchell will file the paperwork to correct his visa and then come back to join me. But here’s the kicker—immigration and customs officers said this will take 48 hours. We have but a few days here as it is.

I’m completely dumbfounded. It’s really a mess. But I know one thing: time and again when faced with unworkable situations, God can intervene.

So as you read this I ask you to do two things:

1) Pray that Mitchell’s visa situation would be worked out without having to go back to Dubai.

2) Pray that despite my lack of videographer experience, I will be able to capture the stories of rescue and redemption we came here for.

There is good work happening in India. We came here with a purpose and no matter what gets thrown at us, our eyes are on the prize and we will not be deterred.

With eyes fixed,

Tim Spaulding