Heading Home

Today, Tim and Mitchell's time in India comes to a close. The footage they gathered there will be presented in a video at our 2nd annual Freedom Gala on November 5. What incredible stories they have to share from many rescued women who are free today because of the work of our partner, Freedom Firm. As they prepare to head home, here are Tim's thoughts on the future of human trafficking in India: Mumbai Gate

It’s hard to believe we’re heading home today but soon, we will hop in a rickshaw and head to the airport to catch our flight home. As we leave India behind, I am encouraged. While there is certainly a lot of work to be done before child sex trafficking here is ended, progress is being made.

There are those who say things will never change but this is simply not true. I cannot say when sex trafficking of minors will no longer be a problem in India but I am certain that day will come. Why? Because of the selfless men and women at Freedom Firm who care deeply about rescuing and restoring young girls from a life of slavery in a brothel.

These dedicated men and women pour their lives into this work. They crisscross the country on long overnight train rides to remote villages to follow up with rescued girls. They work long hours for days on end to see that freedom comes to those who need it most. They sacrifice time with their families—sometimes for days and weeks at a time—to ensure that girls whose families have abandoned them are safe.

I wish I could show you each and every one of their pictures, tell you their names, and throw a parade in honor of the work they do. But in order for them to do this difficult work, their identity must remain hidden. Showing their faces and telling their stories could compromise their ability to continue bringing rescue, restoration, and justice. 

If you met them though, you would quickly understand that no recognition is required. Their greatest passion and lasting reward is in the outcome—when one more day of investigation, one more night of footage, one more raid and one more prosecution means one more girl is free and on the path to restoration.

For those at Freedom Firm, and for us at Freedom 4/24, there is truly no greater reward.