Bare 4 Freedom: A Make-Up Free Challenge


“For 24,” is a year-long campaign telling the story of Freedom 4/24—from the survivors, world-changers, and volunteers to fundraisers, and behind-the-sceners. Our goal is to inform, inspire, and enrich your understanding of Freedom 4/24 and the work we do together.

#11. Go Bare 4 Freedom with Makaila Redden

Age: 20         Hometown: Belfast, Maine

What is Bare 4 Freedom? How and why did it get started?

Bare 4 Freedom (B4F) is a social media movement to raise awareness about the human trafficking industry and raise funds to rescue the women and children enslaved by it. The idea is to go without makeup for a day, a week, or an entire month! It started when I was considering going lighter on my makeup during the first month of the new year to remind me that I am the daughter of the King and that I don't need makeup to feel confident or comfortable. I had been praying about Freedom 4/24's cause and had the idea that I could go without any makeup at all and raise awareness and funds at the same time!

What is your goal?

My financial goal is $300 in January, but I'm less concerned with that. The true goal behind B4F is two-fold: first, my prayer is that women and children trapped by this crime could be freed from the chains they are in (literally and figuratively) by the simple act of denying myself something as silly as makeup, and that they would come to know freedom in Christ. Second, I truly hope that more ladies will join in this vision, and that they will be more confident in the person God created them to be without having to hide behind a mask of makeup. Beauty comes from having Christ inside, it shouldn't be based upon how much mascara we're wearing!

How did you learn about Freedom 4/24?

My friend Abigail Lord oversaw the Run 4 Their Lives 5K in Bangor, Maine, last year and my husband and I ran it. We've been following the organization ever since! 

Bangor Race Vidya
Bangor Race Vidya

What about Freedom 4/24's mission resonates with you?

I think it's exciting that there is an organization out there providing resources beyond money to these human beings being exploited! It's more than just rescuing them, it's rehabilitating them and teaching them about a different life of freedom they can have. It's more than just raising money for the organization—it's about teaching people how to act against this.

What's your long-term vision for Bare 4 Freedom?

Let's take a stance together! I want this to be something women participate in every year to teach their community that sex trafficking happens everywhere, not just in rural countries. I believe we can really make a huge dent in the sex industry if we are educated and take a stand. I would love to see other ladies join with me in that.

Whether you want to commit to one day or the entire month, or even longer, we're excited to support you in what can be scary for some women to do! Tag Instagram, Twitter or Facebook photos with #bareforfreedom and check out our Instagram profile @bareforfreedom! When your friends and family ask where to donate, either create your own charity GoFundMe page for Freedom 4/24 or send them to!