Joy & Laughter: Thailand Christmas Party #1

Inside a brightly decorated hotel ballroom, 102 women left behind the scene on the left for five hours today and embraced the joy and laughter awaiting them on the right at our first Christmas party for Soi Cowboy. They traded customers for children's games like limbo and musical chairs. They made crafts and ate endless bowls of spicy Thai food. They heard of God's vast love for them and the lasting freedom available at Beginnings. For five brief hours, they were free to be girls again. It was beautiful. 

This party is the start of a number of decisions for the attendees who were open to what was shared. Some may decide to break from cultural norms and family expectations to leave the sex industry behind. Others may carry around the phone number to the Home of New Beginnings for weeks or months before they gain the courage to call it. A few may have no intention of leaving until they finally have a night with a customer so horrendous that they realize any other path is worth the risk. That's the night they will show up at Beginnings' door step. 

The parties offer a critical starting point ... the beginning to Beginnings, if you will. We believe this because we watched a dozen beautiful, restored girls lovingly interact with party guests tonight, knowing full well they were once in their stilettos. Each one is a testimony to a life transformed at Beginnings, not overnight, but over time. Time they are now spending pouring into others so that they may too be free.

On Wednesday morning, East Coast time, we will hold our second Christmas party for the girls of Nana Plaza. This party tends to present more challenges, with more bars shutting us out from taking any girls. Prayers and thoughts are needed as we work to free them for the evening. We will bring you updates throughout Christmas Party #2 on our Facebook page, so follow along as the party progresses!

How you can help in light of what is happening here? Consider taking a simple first step to help bring rescue and restoration for these girls by "stuffing" a virtual Stocking 4 Freedom. Each $24 virtual stocking represents a girl who needs hope and freedom from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Learn more and get your virtual stocking by clicking here.