Ruhamah Designs Jewelry

Ruhamah is an ethical jewelry brand that employs women who have been rescued from sex trafficking. Because many of these women were trafficked as children, they often have little to no education and few marketable skills. Ruhamah was created to provide a viable, sustainable occupation for these women and an opportunity to start fresh in life. 

Ruhamah Designs creates beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry made by women who are survivors of sex trafficking. It is a reverse business model that revolves around the employees, focusing on their needs and abilities. The result is a beautiful work of art. The employees are driven, creative women. In the Ruhamah workshops they often play music, laugh, chatter, and relax as they work with the myriad of colorful stones and beads. The hours making jewelry is therapeutic as women create and design beautiful pieces. As they create, they heal.

Christine's House Jewelry

These pieces of jewelry were handmade by human trafficking survivors who now have a fresh start because of Christine's House, Freedom 4/24's safe house in Gulu, Uganda. Christine's House is a place of hope and restoration where sexually exploited girls and young women can learn to breathe again. Residents receive medical care, counseling, and vocational training, which provides them with the tools they need to live a life of freedom after leaving the program. Through your purchase, the girls at Christine's House are able to provide for themselves and their families. 

Paper Hope

Paper Hope was started by two individuals after a mission trip to Nicaragua. Their mission is to raise awareness and support to help women and children escape human trafficking and prostitution. One hundred percent of the proceeds support Freedom 4/24. 

Freedom 4/24 Gear

Join the Freedom 4/24 team and help us bring an end to human trafficking! These products fund our operational costs and raise awareness.