Tier 1

For 30 days leading up to your Run 4 Their Lives event, select one of the highlighted survivors of human trafficking from your Run 4 Their Lives event (see list below) and write her name on your arm for each of those 30 days. Click below for our 30 Day Prayer Guide and Survivor Stories. Share your survivor’s story with your family and friends and encourage them to become involved.

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Tier 2

Take the next step and invest in the life of a trafficking survivor by becoming a fundraiser. What can you do with $24? You can get 5 cups of Starbucks, a tank of gas, a movie and popcorn OR For $24, you can provide 1 week of education, 2 weeks of counseling, 3 weeks of housing, or 4 weeks of food for a trafficking survivor. Go to freedom424.org/r4tl and find the race you want to participate in, then become a fundraiser or donate.

Tier 3

Run for their lives! Register to participate in either the Run 4 Their Lives Virtual 5k (spring, summer, or fall option) or the Run 4 Their Lives closest to you. Running requires effort and action and may even be difficult but think about what these women and children have experienced and push through that pain. Run for the girl whose name has been on your arm for the last 30 days. If you fundraise $50 or more, you can run for FREE!

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