Freedom 4/24 Indy Mini Fundraising Team

Freedom 4/24 is partnering with different race series around the country to provide an additional way to increase awareness of human trafficking and raise money for our mission. One of these partner races is the One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis on May 6, 2017.

How it works:

  • Let Freedom 4/24 know you want to be part of the Freedom 4/24 Indy Mini Fundraising Team by emailing You will be sent a link to pay your Freedom 4/24 reduced registration fee of $65. Be sure to indicate the purpose of the payment in the memo.

  • Once Freedom 4/24 receives the receipt for your payment, you will be sent a link that allows you to register in the One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon for free.

  • Next steps are to fundraise and train with your fellow teammates to meet your fundraising goal and prepare to run your event. The team goal is determined by multiplying $1,000 by the number of team members. Example: A team of six would have a fundraising goal of $6,000. Each team member will be set up with a fundraising webpage where you can track progress on your individual goal of $1000. 

  • Receive incentives from Freedom 4/24 as you meet certain goals:

    • 10% - Freedom 4/24 decal, story card of a trafficking survivor
    • 25% - hat
    • 50% - team shirt
    • 100% - option of a Freedom 4/24 jacket or reimbursed registration fee

Share your fundraising and training progress with your friends and family then have them come out and cheer for you on the day of the race as you run for freedom! For more detailed information and fundraising tips, check out the Team Fundraiser Handbook.